We are experts and practitioners with vast experience in humanitarian. Development, and stability building projects committed to exploring and adapting best practices and appropriate technologies to the local context, developing mechanisms to ensure that vulnerable people can access adapted solutions, and working with communities, local authorities, private sector, and organizations to scale up the utilization of adapted solutions to enhance impact of humanitarian and development initiatives.

Our Team

As enablers of what-works started in 2009 by assisting development and humanitarian projects with capacity building, technical support, moderation of dialogues and joint programming events, and participatory research designed to influence policies and programming at various levels. In response to the limitations in designing humanitarian and recovery in Yemen, we decided to focus our added value towards providing demonstrable models of what works in different sectors focusing on the empowerment of women and vulnerable groups as change agents. Similarly, our direct support to humanitarian and development projects is committed to enabling actors to understand the context, cope the key emerging challenges (i.e. implications of working in prolonged conflict areas, lack of experience in incorporating emerging types of local actors/ service providers, failure to meet basic humanitarian principles through remote management and limited capacities of local implementing partners).

“We are independent humanitarian and development specialists, free from the bias, affiliation, and vested interests of a specific party, enterprise, or agenda”



We are on the ground, we have spent years building know-how, and effective networks of local expertise, alliances, service providers, suppliers, and community workers that enable us to solve problems and get the job do.